The City’s performances infuse an undeniable talent  that perfectly encapsulates Melbourne’s new wave of Rock. Their approach to song writing comes from a place of positive energy  and self-empowerment, but make no mistake these guys are here to party.

Vaughan Sullivan has been capturing the hearts of audiences with his passionate voice since he was a child. Growing up in the second wave of Rock, listening to the likes of AC/DC and Nirvana, these bands heavily influenced Sullivan’s childhood and it was natural for him to pick up a guitar at ten years old to craft his first song. Vaughan’s passion grew throughout his adolescence, using his hardships and experiences to guide his songwriting craft and discovering the piano as another tool for his expression. The Vaughan you watch today on stage is years in the making, but the boy-hood zeal for authenticity is still apparent to anyone that has ever seen The City.

Josh Nicholson believes his music goes far beyond his passion for guitar. Josh delivers a high energy performance with every gig. Josh and Vaughn have been creating music together since they were 14 years old. For more than a decade jamming together, and continuing their creative partnership and forming a new pathway to Punk Rock. The City is his latest project where his love of great songs, infectious humour and enthusiasm for inspiring and with the power of music is now the bedrock for every show.

Ferguson started playing the drums at the age of 14. Growing up in rural Western Victoria, this self- taught drummer found inspiration in the record collection of his brother in law. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Green Day and Soundgarden were all on high rotation along with deep cuts by Charles Mingus and Weather Report, providing an education in the groove that runs through every City show. Australian company, Big Sound Percussion, snapped Mark up in early 2018 and he has provided a uniqueness to their artist’s roster ever since.

Evan Rademaker is the newest member of The City. Evan took up guitar at the age of 10 and searched for a group that fed into his childhood passion. The City’s lyrics and style spoke to him directly. Rademaker’s broad range of influences from Polyphia, In Flames and Lamb of God all the way across to The Maine, Green Day and The John Butler Trio he made quick progress with his instrument winning numerous College Music awards.

The City came together in a tiny town of just fifty people on the Central Coast of NSW to record their first EP Polaroids and then six months later, their second EP Unbreakable. Followed by their self-funded debut album ‘Light The Flame’ which was recorded in the iconic studio The Castle, Nashville, Tennessee.      

What started as a small flame has turned into a raging inferno, staying lit in the hearts and minds of fans and listeners.

NEW ALBUM: Light The Flame




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